Following are the instructions to access Harmony to review your student's grades, attendance and discipline records from your home via the Internet.




BEFORE YOU ACCESS HARMONY FOR THE FIRST TIME, you will need to download an SSL certificate for security purposes. To do this:


1. Go to


2. You will receive a message saying that you have chosen to download a file--would you like to open it or save it to your disk--Choose Open


3. A box will open with a button at the bottom that says "Install Certificate". Click this button.


4. An Import Wizard will launch. Click "Next" two times, then click "Finish"


5. You will then be asked if you want this information added to your root store- click "Yes"


6. Then click Okay.


Once this is complete and the download was successful, you must close your web browser and reopen it so it will use the new information.






1. Go to the Bloomfield School District Homepage.


2. Rollover the "Harmony" Link at the bottom of the menu, choose Elementary or Jr/Sr High and Parent Access.


3. Click on the school the student attends.


4. A Harmony School Management login screen will open. Enter your user name and password and click "login"


5. You will be welcomed to Harmony and may click on the links on the left side of the screen to view your student's information.


Attendance Record- A cumulative list of all of your student's absences and tardies for this school year.

Discipline Record- A cumulative list of all of your student's discipline records for this school year.

Progress Report- A report of your student's current grades.

Assignment Summary- A review of all grades taken in a particular subject for the current grading period.


When you are finished reviewing your student's academic record, please click "Log Out" to log out of the system.


For help, call 384-4550 during school hours or email


Michelle Mattox

Bloomfield School District