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Mrs. Vandeventer

Meet Mary Jane Vandeventer
Elementary Principal

 Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it.
Autograph your work with excellence!


Bloomfield High School Graduate – Class of 1983
Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education – University of Indianapolis
Master of Education – Indiana Wesleyan University
Master of Elementary Administration – Indiana University





 As an administrator of Bloomfield Elementary School, my main purpose is to provide the necessary cornerstone for a solid educational foundation.  I believe that children should learn in an environment enriched with literature, exploration, self-discovery, peer tutoring, and guided instruction.  I strive each day for the students at Bloomfield Elementary to leave school knowing they are important people who can achieve any goals they set for themselves.

Students enter our school excited about learning.  It is my objective to build on this excitement and create an entire school community of life-long learners.  I encourage teachers to use a variety of teaching techniques in the classroom creating interest, enthusiasm, and the desire to learn.  I strive daily to be a positive role model for our students, staff, and school community by being actively involved in the entire educational process at BES.

I genuinely love my role as principal of Bloomfield Elementary School.  I encourage parents to take an active interest in their child’s education.  Please know my door is always open to discuss your child’s educational needs.  By working together, we can create a positive elementary school that enhances creativity, self-worth, and a successful place for your child to grow and learn!