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Bloomfield School District is committed to the academic achievement of students.

Bloomfield Jr.-Sr. High School has one of the highest graduation rates in the state of Indiana. The graduation rate average for Bloomfield School  District from 2009--2014 was ninety-seven (97%) percent. The 2014 graduation rate for Bloomfield Jr.-Sr. High School was one hundred (100%) percent.  In 2013, Bloomfield School District's graduation rate was 97.2%. 

DSC_0006_569Seventy eight (78%) percent of the graduating classes from 2015 pursued post-secondary education at a two-year or four-year institution.  Seven (7%) of the students in the graduating class of 2015 pursued opportunities in a technical program.  Fifteen (15%) of the graduating class of 2015 entered the workforce.

Bloomfield Jr.-Sr. High School students have dual credit opportunities. It is possible for a student at Bloomfield Jr.-Sr. High School to accumulate 91 dual college credits prior to graduation.  These dual credit classes may be transferred to a four or two year post-secondary educational institution allowing students to obtain college credit at a fraction of the normal cost of tuition.  Most of the credits are from public universities in Indiana and will transfer to other public universities.  If a student is going to enroll in a private post-secondary institutiion they will need to check to see if the institution will accept the dual college credits.  Thirty -five of sixty seniors in the class of 2015 will graduate with dual college credit classes.   Bloomfield School District offers seventeen (17) dual college credit opportunities from Vincennes University and Ivy Tech State College.  Bloomfield School District offers a dual credit opportunity from IUPUI.  An additional dual credit opportunity is also available through Purdue.  Dual credit classes include Advanced Biology, Advanced Placement Calculus AB, Advanced Introduction to Literature,  Advanced Life Sciences, Advanced Placement World History, Anatomy and Physiology, College Algebra, College Trigonometry, Digital Electronics, English Composition, Government, French, Spanish, Principles of Engineering, Psychology, Sociology, Speech, and U.S. History.

Bloomfield Elementary students passed the 2014 spring ISTEP+ test at a rate of 76.7 percent in math and English/Language Arts. This exceeded the state average for all schools of 71.4% in the same subject areas.

Bloomfield Elementary third graders passed the IREAD-3 test at a rate of ninety-three (93%) during the spring 2015 IREAD-3 testing window. 

DSC_0015Students in grades 3-8 are assessed three times a year to measure academic progress. The data is used to identify and implement interventions to maximize student achievement. Classroom instruction is differentiated to address individual student weaknesses.

Bloomfield School District has a pupil/teacher ratio of 1:17.5. The individual attention students receive result in enhanced learning opportunities.


Students in Bloomfield Jr.-Sr. High School have educational opportunities available that other schools in the area do not provide. Students at Bloomfield Jr.-Sr. High School can take part in a pre-engineering program through “Project Lead the Way”. Also students interested in pursuing a career in the medical field can enroll in a two year bio-medical sciences program.  Additionally, Bloomfield Jr.-Sr. High School has added a Digital Electronics course in which students can get dual college credit.

Bartlow and Clinton High School Student Partnership High School Students working on Smartboard
High School Students working in small group Mrs. Hudson Supply and Demand Curve