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Bloomfield Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp

Bloomfield Jr.-Sr. High School is one of six schools in the state of Indiana to offer a Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp program.  Bloomfield NJROTC was established in 1994.  In 2011 the Cadet Corps was comprised of approximately 21 % - one fifth of the Bloomfield student body, freshmen thru seniors.  The NJROTC unit is a four year elective program.  Students who participate are not obligated to any military service upon graduation.  If Cadets are interested in the Armed Forces upon graduation from high school then by participating in this program for two years qualify for accelerated advancement and pay upon completion of basic training as well as additional consideration for college scholarship opportunities if seeking a commission to serve as an officer in the military.  
The Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp is organized after the Service Academies, Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado and Army Academy, West Point, New York.  The program stresses Academics, Leadership / Citizens
hip and  Physical Fitness.  Cadets have the opportunity to serve in leadership positions and earn ranks and compete for awards, participate on teams to earn medals and their sports letters for their school.



Drill Team Cadets Celebrate After Winning In Their Regional Competition In              Columbus, Ohio     March,   2011


The Physical Fitness Team Competing at Regional while Judges Verify Scores.  March, 2011


Cadets Relaxing and Having Fun On The Dance Floor At The Military Ball Celebrating the Navy and Marine Corps Birthday and Honoring Veterans Day,  November 2010.


Cadet Rifle Team Shooting For Score In Divisional Competition, Port Clinton, Ohio,        January 2011


NJROTC Cadets getting ready to set up Tents for a Weekend of Camping, Canoeing, Orienteering and Adventure - Leadership Training.  September 2010.


By Order of the National Defense Act of 1916, Congress established the purpose of JROTC programs.  The U. S. Navy has defined the goals of NJROTC as follows:

>Promote Patriotism; love of country, respect for the flag and pride in our government and our American way of life. >Develop Informed and Responsible Citizens; students should be made aware of their responsibilities, duties, and rights. >Promote Habits of Orderliness and Precision; experience shows that such habits help people succeed in life. >Develop a High Degree of Personal Honor, Self-reliance, Self-discipline and Leadership; to exemplify qualities of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  >Promote an Understanding of the the Basic Elements and Requirements for National Security; students understanding the need for Armed Forces and their relationship to a democratic government.  >Develop Respect for and an Understanding of the need for Constituted Authority in a Democratic Society;  students gain an understanding of why we have laws and governments.  >Provide Incentives to Live Healthy Drug-free Lives;  students understand how drug usage and other harmful actions affect both themselves and others.   >Develop Leadership Potential;  the program provides students a wide range of opportunities to challenge themselves in leadership roles.  >Promote High School Completion;  students should know the value of their education.  >Provide Information on the Military Services as a Possible Career.



Cadet Company Commander and Executive Officer Reporting the Company "All Present" to the Area Manager as the Unit Stands it's Annual Military Inspection.  March 2011.



Individual Cadets are being Inspected, Uniform Pressed, Shoes Shined, Haircuts and Knowledge, We are Looking Good!  March 2011



The Armed Drill Team Reporting In For Competition, Indianapolis, IN. February, 2011.



NJROTC Bloomfield on Parade, Honoring Veterans, November, 2010.


Cadets often travel to Historic Sites and Military Bases in areas of the United States.  Traveling to places such as Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH., Coast Guard Station, Michigan City, IN., Pensacola Naval Air Station, Pensacola, FL., Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane, IN., USMC Recruit Depot & Air Station Miramar, San Diego, CA.


A Group of Cadets Take Their Turn to go out on the Boat for Training Drills on Lake Michigan with the U.S. Coast Guard,  August 2010.


Cadets with U.S. Coast Guard Sailors at the end of the Training Day, August 2010

Many Bloomfield School District students have leveraged experiences in the Bloomfield NJROTC unit into careers and training opportunities within the civilian sector or in the Armed Services in the United States.  Approximately 65 % of all our Cadets continue on to enroll in college or a technical skill trade.

The Bloomfield NJROTC Unit Instructors are Lieutenant Commander Michael Cluver, USN and Chief Petty Officer David Hultberg. Bloomfield NJROTC is assigned to Geographical Area 3 in which they compete against 48 schools in Indiana, Illlinois, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Wisconsin, as well as 350 other schools nationally.  Bloomfield has accumulated several top honors and awards over the years. Some of these awards include:

• Distinguished Unit with Academic Honors-2 years  * Awarded 2011
• Distinguished Unit-8 years
• Unit Achievement-2 years
• Academic Achievement-1 year


Cadets Enjoying the Day and Celebrating their Heritage while on Tour at the Soldier's and Sailor's Monument, Indiana War Museum, USS Indianapolis Memorial downtown Indianapolis, IN.,  February 2011.

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