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Minutes-11/27/2007 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bryce McGlothlin   
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 10:34



November 27, 2007


The Board of School Trustees of the Bloomfield School District, of Greene County, Indiana, met in regular session on November 27, 2007, in the jr/sr high school conference room in Bloomfield Junior/Senior High School, 501 West Spring Street, Bloomfield, Indiana.  The following school board members were present: Doug Frye, Keith Hanauer, Marvin Helms, Robert Kirk, and Sandra Parkes May.  Board member Steve Dowden and President Eric Moody were absent. Vice President Helms called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 p.m.  The following order of business was transacted with the Vice President presiding:


1.      Recognitions.   Mr. Parsley recognized Sharon Sparks as October teacher of the month and Lauren Bohnert as November teacher of the month.  Mr. Parsley announced the NJROTC annual Military Ball would be held December 8, 2007.  Mary Jane Vandeventer thanked her staff for an extremely successful Veteran Day program recently.  Ms. Vandeventer also invited members of the Board to attend the Elementary Christmas Program on December 8, 2007.   Superintendent Sichting told the Board that he had received an e-mail from the NJROTC Regional Commander complimenting our NJROTC students for their behavior on the recent Florida trip.  Mr. Sichting also recognized Mary Jane Vandeventer for her work putting together the Veteran’s Day program. 


2.  Approval of Minutes.  The Board had been provided with minutes of the regular school board meeting held on October 24, 2007, an executive session held on October 31, 2007, and an executive session held on November 19, 2007, which had been prepared by corporation recording secretary Kelli Vandeventer.   Doug Frye moved to approve the minutes as presented.  Robert Kirk seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved by a 5-0 vote.


3. Treasurer’s Report.  The Board had been provided with the Treasurer’s Report, prepared by corporation treasurer Sue Pritts, consisting of the Appropriation Report and Claims Listing Report.  Upon motion duly made by Keith Hanauer and seconded by Robert Kirk, the Board by a 5-0 vote approved the Treasurer’s Report. 


4. Board Approves Resolution for Transfer of Appropriations.  It was recommended the Board authorize appropriate personnel to make transfers within minor categories and to transfer among major categories, appropriations necessary to allow for expenditures in the 2007 budget, when necessary.  Robert Kirk moved to approve the recommendation.  Keith Hanauer seconded the motion, which passed by a 5-0 vote.     


5.  Board Hears Information on Summer School Reimbursement.  Superintendent Sichting provided the Board with information on summer school reimbursement received recently from the Indiana Department of Education.  (See Attached) He said school districts could recoup expenses for eligible summer school expenses in category one at a rate of 68.314573%.  A majority of the summer school offerings at Bloomfield School District were eligible under category one reimbursement.  The summer school offerings at Bloomfield School District not falling under category one were Driver’s Education, elementary music, and elementary art.  No classes from category two or category three received reimbursement from the Department of Education.


6.  Use of CPF Emergency Allocation Resolution and Telephone System Purchase Approved.  Superintendent Sichting explained that due to unforeseen circumstances on a corporation wide basis there was a need to replace the current telephone system and he recommended the Board authorize the use of the Emergency Allocation appropriation in the 2007 Capital Projects Plan for the purchase of a new telephone system according to IC 20-40-8-2.  (See Attached)   Mr. Sichting said that quotes on the phone system were obtained from A.T. & T, HiCom, Inc., and HOP Technologies.  He recommended the telephone system be awarded to HiCom, Inc. in the amount of $38,593.00.   He said that both HiCom, Inc. and HOP Technologies submitted bids for the same amount, but HiCom’s service charges were economically superior for the District.  Keith Hanauer made a motion to approve both of Superintendent Sichting’s recommendations, first to authorize the use of CPF Emergency allocations to purchase the new phone system and second to purchase that phone system from HiCom, Inc. in the amount of $38,593.00.  Sandy May seconded the motion, which passed by a 5-0 vote.


7.  DOE 54-Basic Grant Monthly Distribution Reduction.  Superintendent Sichting told Board members that the Indiana Department of Education had announced data changes for the November 15th payment due to increases in the corporation’s assessed valuations.  He said that as a result of those increases in assessed valuation, the calendar year cap was exceeded by $9,881,069.02 resulting in the calculation of a cap reduction for all school corporations.  He explained that the reduction amount is based on the relationship of school corporation’s Tuition support amount to the total statewide Tuition Support multiplied by the dollar amount by which the calculated formula distribution exceeds the cap.  Mr. Sichting said that as a result, the November payment reflects a minus adjustment as a result of the cap and that the District adjustment continues to be $12,635.18 for the budget year 2007.  (See Attached)


8.  Superintendent Gives Board Information on Advance Property Tax Draw.  Mr. Sichting told the Board that he submitted a request to the Greene County Treasurer for an advance property tax draw as outlined in I.C. 5-13-6-3 so that the District could pay end of the year debt payments in a timely fashion.  He said that I.C. 5-13-6-3 requires the Greene County Treasurer to respond within thirty days of the request, which was made on November 5, 2007.  (See Attached)


9.  Long Time Custodian Retires.  Custodian Janice Troxell submitted her letter of retirement resignation effective December 21, 2007.  Superintendent Sichting told the Board that Mrs. Troxell had first worked in the school cafeteria before joining the custodial staff.  He said Mrs. Troxell had worked for the District for the past twenty-nine and one-half years.  Mr. Sichting along with the Board thanked Mrs. Troxell for her years of service and wished her the best of luck in the future.  Keith Hanauer moved to approve the retirement.  Doug Frye seconded the motion, which passed by a 5-0 vote. 


10.  2007-2008 ECA Recommendations Approved.  Board members were provided with ECA recommendations for the 2007-2008 school year from Mr. Parsley, Ms. Vandeventer, and/or Mr. Hudson.  Superintendent Sichting included his support of these recommendations.   Justin Cullison and Rick Skinner were recommended to serve as Volunteer 6th Grade Boys’ Basketball coaches, Owen Batterton and Keven McIntosh as Volunteer 5th and 6th Grade Girls’ Basketball coaches, Kelly Spelts and Bill Spelts to serve as Volunteer 9th Grade Cheer Coaches, Kerri Helms as a Volunteer Junior High Cheer Coach, Connie Carmichael and Stephanie Heaton as Volunteer Elementary Cheer Coaches, David Wade to do the HS Major Musical/Play, Sets & Props & Choreography. Sandy May made a motion to approve the recommendations. Keith Hanauer seconded the motion, which passed by a 5-0 vote.


11.  Overnight NJROTC Field Trip Approved.  It was recommended that the Board approve an overnight field trip request to allow Bloomfield NJROTC students to travel to Purdue University for drill team competition on Friday, November 30, 2007, and Saturday, December 1, 2007.  (See Attached)  Robert Kirk moved to approve the trip as requested.  Doug Frye seconded the motion, which passed by 5-0 vote. 


12.  Update on Proposed Elementary Renovation.  Mr. Sichting gave the Board an update on the proposed elementary renovation project.  He said that bids from interested energy savings companies for the proposed renovation of Bloomfield Elementary School were received on Thursday, November 16, 2007.  At this point due to the uncertainty with the School Property Tax Control Board, the bids were taken under advisement.  Performance Services was the lone bidder on the project.  At this point, we have requested a breakdown on all mechanical, electrical, sheet metal, insulation, test and balance, ceiling, metal shelving, and site work bids.  Also, a request for the sub-contractors who placed bids with Performance Services will be received.  The bids will be judged upon open book pricing involving industry standards for each trade.  A copy of the open book pricing has also been requested from Performance Services.

A complete evaluation of the bids will be conducted prior to meeting with Cheryl Musgraves, Department of Local Government Finance Commissioner.  


13.  Collective Bargaining Update.  Superintendent Sichting told the Board that collective bargaining sessions were held on October 24, 2007, November 5, 2007, and November 26, 2007.   He said that an agreement between the Bloomfield Teachers Association and the District had not yet been reached.  Mr. Sichting announced future meeting dates of  December 5, 2007 and December 12, 2007.    


14.  Board Reviews Information on MRSA Staph Infection.  Superintendent Sichting gave the Board some information on recent outbreaks of the MRSA Staph Infection that has been reported recently through the news media.  He said there were no confirmed cases of the infection at Bloomfield School District.  The administration, teachers, and custodial staff are taking precautions to try to prevent outbreaks at Bloomfield Elementary and Bloomfield Jr/Sr High School including:  Announcements reminding students to wash hands frequently, signs in restrooms were installed last year concerning hand washing, hand sanitizers were placed in the high school cafeteria, hand sanitizers are placed in classrooms at the teacher’s request, announcements reminding students to take Physical Education uniforms home frequently for washing, announcements from coaches reminding athletes to take practice uniforms home frequently for washing, and custodians are cleaning building with supplies to kill the MRSA bacteria on surfaces.  Mr. Sichting gave a reminder that although precautions are taking place, we are mindful students can contract the germs in environments other than school. 


15.  Update on Full Day Kindergarten.  Superintendent Sichting provided Board members with survey results concerning Full Day Kindergarten.  He also included a report showing the total number of students each corporation in Indiana submitted for funding through the Full Day Kindergarten Grant.  (See Attached)  He said the per pupil funding amount for the 2007-2008 Full Day Kindergarten Grant is unknown. 


16.  Emergency School Closing Procedures for 2007-2008 Announced.  Board members and members of the media were provided with Emergency School Closing Procedures for the 2007-2008 school year.  (See Attached.)


17.  Fall Reading Assessment Results.  Board members were provided with information concerning the fall reading assessment that was administered by the Bloomfield Elementary School as part of data collection for school improvement purposes.  (See Attached)  Mr. Sichting shared that the results of the assessment were:  Five out of six grade levels tested performed at or above grade level and one grade level performed below grade level.  He said the staff of Bloomfield Elementary continues to strive to provide all students with the life-long learning skill of reading. 


18.  Board Member Comments.  Vice president Helms asked why 6th grade boys basketball practice was cancelled on Saturday November 24th.   Interim athletic director Rick Hudson responded to Mr. Helms question. 


19.  Adjournment.  There being no further business Keith Hanauer moved to adjourn.  Doug Frye seconded the motion.  The meeting was then adjourned by a 5-0 vote.