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Minutes-03/30/2006 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bryce McGlothlin   
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 10:19



March 30, 2006


The Board of School Trustees of the Bloomfield School District, of Greene County, Indiana, met in regular session on March 30, 2006, in the jr/sr high school conference room in Bloomfield Junior/Senior High School, 501 West Spring Street, Bloomfield, Indiana.  The following school board members were present: Peggi Blakley, Nancy Canty, Steve Dowden, Keith Hanauer, and Eric Moody.  Marvin Helms and Robert Kirk were absent.  President Dowden called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 p.m.  The following order of business was transacted with the President presiding:


1.      Recognitions.   Mr. Parsley recognized Monte McIntosh as Teacher of the Month for February.  He also announced upcoming convocation for jr/sr high school students.  Mr. Parsley shared information on ISTEP + scores and student schedules for next year.  Mrs. Vandeventer announced Kindergarten Roundup and Family Night Book Celebration in the Elementary.  She also told the Board about the publication of Pencil Sprouts that will include copies of writings by Bloomfield Elementary students.


2.  Approval of Minutes.  The Board had been provided with minutes of the executive session held on February 16, 2006, executive session and regular meeting both held on February 23, 2006, which had been prepared by corporation recording secretary Kelli Vandeventer.   Peggi Blakley moved to approve the minutes as presented.  Keith Hanauer seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved by a 5-0 vote. 


3.  Treasurer’s Report.  The Board had been provided with the Treasurer’s Report, prepared by corporation treasurer Sue Pritts, consisting of the Appropriation Report and Claims Listing Report.   Nancy Canty moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Eric Moody seconded the motion.  The motion passed by a 5-0 vote. 


4.  Short Term Security Officers Hired.  Superintendent Hasler recommended that the Board  hire off duty Bloomfield town police officers for the last month of school at the rate of $11.50 per hour.  His recommendation stated that for the past several years the district has employed off duty policy officers to provide additional security during the last month of school.  President Dowden stated that this rate of pay is a .25-cent increase over last year. Keith Hanauer moved to approve Mr. Hasler’s request.  Peggi Blakley seconded the motion, which passed by a 5-0 vote. 


5.      NJROTC Instructor Annual Certification and Contract Approved.  It was recommended that the Board authorize the administration to sign the JROTC INSTRUCTOR ANNUAL CERTIFICATION OF PAY AND DATA FORM (See attached) and Contract for the 2006-2007 school year.  Mr. Hasler’s recommendation said that Bloomfield’s NJROTC program had been an asset to the Bloomfield School District and brings pride to the students, school and community.  He said it is well received by our students and the student participation remains high.  This group has been recognized at all levels for their achievement in physical training, academics, and military drill teams.  Eric Moody moved to approve the recommendation.  Nancy Canty seconded the motion, which passed by a 5-0 vote.


6.  Elementary Kindergarten Teacher Hired.  Elementary principal Mary Jane Vandeventer recommended hiring Mrs. Shannon Dean as a Kindergarten teacher for the Bloomfield Elementary School for the 2006-2007 school year.  Superintendent Hasler said that this opening was created as a result of Carolyn Williams’ retirement and recommended approval.  Keith Hanauer moved to hire Mrs. Dean

per the recommendation.  Peggi Blakley seconded the motion.  Mrs. Dean was hired by an unanimous vote of 5-0.


7.  Homebound Instructor Hired.  Mr. Parsley requested that the Board employ Mrs. Janis Shaw, a Bloomfield Elementary fifth grade teacher, as a homebound instructor for a student who cannot attend regular school classes.  He said that Mrs. Shaw was willing to assume these additional duties up to 5 hours per week for the equivalent of what her regular compensation would be for teaching.  Superintendent Hasler recommended approval.  He said the effective date would be March 6, 2006 continuing until a subsequent school plan is adopted.  Nancy Canty moved to approve the request.  Keith Hanauer seconded the motion, which passed by a 5-0 vote. 


8.  ECA Recommendations Approved. Board members were provided with ECA recommendations for the 2005-2006 school year from Mrs. Vandeventer and Mr. Skomp.  Kyle von Almen was recommended as Boys’ and Girls’ Track Coach (7-8) and Janette Rush was recommended to be a Volunteer Girls’ Tennis Coach.  Superintendent Hasler included his support of these recommendations.   Peggi Blakley moved to approve the recommendations as presented.   Nancy Canty seconded the motion.  The motion passed by a 5-0 vote. 


9.  Post Prom Trip Approved.  Mr. Parsley requested approval from the Board to allow the post prom parents group to take those students who have signed up for post prom to King’s Island outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.  He said the date would be Sunday, April 23, 2006 and post prom parents would be the chaperones for the trip.  Superintendent Hasler recommended approval of the request.  Keith Hanauer moved to approve the recommendation.  Eric Moody seconded the motion.  The trip was approved by a 5-0 vote. 


10.  Board Approves Valic Service Provider Agreement.  Superintendent Hasler’s recommendation states that an annual agreement must be signed with Valic, the annuity company that provides the annuity services to the support staff and administrators.  (See attached)  Peggi Blakley moved to approve the agreement.  Eric Moody seconded the motion, which passed by a 5-0 vote.


11.  Adjournment.  There being no further business Keith Hanauer moved to adjourn.  Nancy Canty seconded the motion.  The meeting was then adjourned by a 5-0 vote.