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Minutes-02/24/2005 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bryce McGlothlin   
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 10:08



February 24, 2005


The Board of School Trustees of the Bloomfield School District, of Greene County, Indiana, met in regular session on February 24, 2005, at 7:00 p.m. in the junior high school conference room in Bloomfield School District, 501 West Spring Street, Bloomfield, Indiana.  The following school board members were present: Peggi Blakley, Nancy Canty, Steve Dowden, Keith Hanauer, Marvin Helms, and Robert Kirk. Eric Moody was absent.  President Hanauer called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 p.m.  The following order of business was transacted with the President presiding:


1.  Recognitions.  Joyce Memering, director of the Twin Rivers Cooperative, was present to recognize Twin Rivers Medical Careers, Bloomfield senior student Shelby Neeley for being selected as an Outstanding Award of Excellence student in the state.  Ms. Memering said that Shelby was one of only nine selected in the state of Indiana to be recognized for her community involvement, academic excellence and dedication to her own high standards and goals.  Shelby was congratulated and applauded by the Board and others present.  Superintendent Hasler, on behalf of elementary principal Mary Jane Vandeventer, told the Board that when Mrs. Kristi Vandeventer was hired at the beginning of this school year as an inclusion teacher working with special education students at the elementary school she had said that since she was working with those students she wanted to get the correct licensure to be able to be both the teacher of service and the teacher of record.   Mr. Hasler said they had expected Mrs. Vandeventer to complete that licensure process in about two years, she has completed it already.  He provided Board members with a copy of her special education license from the State of Indiana and voiced his appreciation to her.  Mr. Hasler also told the Board that Mary Jane Vandeventer had included in their packet an update on recent ISTEP scores.  He said scores had improved and thanked the students, teachers, parents, administration and all involved in that success.  Mr. Hasler also recognized ROTC students for obtaining exemplary status at the recent annual inspection.  Jr/sr high school principal Mr. Greg Parsley announced that the teacher of the month was Lori Burch.  He commended Sheila Jerrels for being recognized by the Bloomington Art Council recently.   Mr. Parsley also recognized Coach Jim Rose and the girl’s basketball team for their Regional win and wish them good luck in the semi-state.  He also told the Board that he had started a new program in the jr/sr high school honoring four (4) students.  “Students of the Week” are nominated by teachers and those chosen get their pictures on the wall and a tee shirt.  Mr. Parsley said he hopes to bring positive recognition to more students with various programs.  Bob Kirk said he had attended the recent ROTC inspection program and was very impressed with the whole group.  Bloomfield Teacher’s Association President Chris Mattox thanked the Board, on behalf of the BTA, for setting aside time for teachers to write letters to representatives, senators, and the President of the United States concerning school funding.  He said 75 letters were sent out by jr./sr. high school teachers and that elementary teachers from Bloomfield participated too.  Mr. Mattox also thanked Mr. Parsley for inviting Judy Briganti, ISTA President, to speak to Bloomfield teachers on March 1st during the 3:05 – 3:30 meeting time. 


2. Approval of Minutes.  The Board had been provided with minutes of the executive session, special meeting, and regular school board meeting all held on January 27, 2005, which had been prepared by corporation recording secretary Kelli Vandeventer.   Marvin Helms moved to approve the minutes as presented.   Peggi Blakley seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved by a 6-0 vote. 


3. Treasurer’s Report.  The Board had been provided with the Treasurer’s Report, prepared by corporation treasurer Sue Pritts, consisting of the Appropriation Report and Claims Listing Report.  Upon motion duly made by Nancy Canty and seconded by Steve Dowden, the Board by a 6-0 vote approved the Treasurer’s Report. 


4.  2005 Certified Tax Rates.  Superintendent Hasler provided board members with the final certification of the local property tax rates recently received from the Department of Local Government Finance.  (See attached)  He also gave them a chart showing comparisons of tax rates with the previous three years.  (See attached) 



5.  Roofing Contract Awarded.  Superintendent Hasler recommended that the Board accept the bid of B & L Sheet Metal and Roofing in the amount of $781,000.00 for the roof replacement of Roof Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12 and 20 of the Bloomfield Jr/Sr High School and award the contract to them.  He explained that based on the ad and walk-through, five bids with alternates were received for the project.  (See attached information sheets)  Marvin Helms moved to accept the bid from B & L Sheet Metal and Roofing per Mr. Hasler’s recommendation.  Peggi Blakley seconded the motion, which passed by a 6-0 vote.


6.  Resolution to Transfer Funds to the Rainy Day Fund.  Superintendent Hasler recommended that the Board adopt a resolution to transfer $230,000 to the Rainy Day Fund.  (See attached)  He said that the authority for a school district to establish a Rainy Day Fund and transfer unused funds to that fund is allowed by I.C. 36-1-8-5.1.  Steve Dowden moved to approve the recommendation.  Robert Kirk seconded he motion, which passed by a 6-0 vote. 


7.  Quote Accepted for Purchase of Outdoor Athletic Field Bleachers.  It was recommended that the Board accept a quote and approve the purchase from R K Sports Seating, Inc. of Columbus, IN for an aluminum bleacher unit for $8,325 including delivery and installation.    Superintendent Hasler said that this replacement is due to a request from the school’s casualty insurance company.  Steve Dowden moved to approve the recommendation.  Peggi Blakley seconded the motion, which passed by a 6-0 vote.


8.  NJROTC Field Trips Approved.    Superintendent Hasler recommended that the Board approve Naval Science Instructor Ostergren’s request for 6 trips from February 26 through May 14.  (See attached)  Nancy Canty moved to approve the request per Mr. Hasler’s recommendation.  Marvin Helms seconded the motion, which passed by a 6-0 vote.


9.  Choral Music Department Trip to Gatlinburg Approved.  It was recommended that the Board approve a field trip involving the choral music department sponsored by Sheila Jerrels.  The trip would be a 2-night trip to Gatlinburg to participate in a music festival.   (See attached)  Peggi Blakley moved to approve the trip.  Steve Dowden seconded the motion, which passed by a 6-0 vote.     


10.  2005-2006 School Calendar Approved.  Superintendent Hasler presented board members with a proposed 2005-2006 school calendar for their consideration.  (See attached)   Mr. Hasler told the Board that the calendar had been through the discussion process with the Bloomfield Teachers Association.  He recommended approval.  Peggi Blakley moved to approve the 2005-2006 school calendar as presented.  Nancy Canty seconded the motion, which passed by a 6-0 vote.


11.  Authority Granted to Apply and if Successful Participate in the C.A.P.E. Grant.  It was recommended that the school district apply with other county stakeholders for the C.A.P.E. III Grant and if successful participate in the resources received.  Mr. Hasler said that several interested stakeholders of Greene County successfully obtained a C.A.P.E. grant back in 2002.  In order to sustain the successful aspects of that program we are participating with others to secure additional resources.  Peggi Blakley moved to approve the recommendation.  Marvin Helms seconded the motion, which passed by a 6-0 vote.


12.  Facility Use Request Granted to Greene County Police.  It was recommended that the Board approve the Greene County Police agencies’ request to use the school building on Thursday, September 15, 2005 in order to train for active shooter(s).  Mr. Hasler said the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department would be responsible for conducting the training for the Greene County Police.  The training would be from 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.  Nancy Canty moved to approve the recommendation.  Robert Kirk seconded the motion, which passed by a 6-0 vote.


13.  Other Items of Business That May Need Action Prior to the Next Board Meeting.  Mr. Hasler told the Board that in their packet was information about a bargaining conference, to be held on March 9th, put on by the Indiana School Board’s Association.  He said he had also included a calendar from the school board’s association with a listing of all of the upcoming conferences. 





14.  Adjournment.  There being no further business Marvin Helms moved to adjourn. Robert Kirk seconded the motion.  The meeting was then adjourned by a 6-0 vote.