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Minutes-01/22/2004 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bryce McGlothlin   
Monday, 21 February 2011 10:47



January 22, 2004



            The Board of School Trustees of the Bloomfield School District, of Greene County, Indiana, met in special session on January 22, 2004, at 7:00 p.m. in the high school cafeteria at Bloomfield Junior/Senior High School, 501 W. Spring Street, Bloomfield, Indiana. The following school board members were present:  Peggi Blakley, Randall Burcham, Steve Dowden, Keith Hanauer, and Marvin Helms.  Nancy Canty arrived after the vote on agenda item 3 (A) (Elect Board of Finance President) had been taken.  Richard Richeson was absent.  The Board of Finance president, Keith Hanauer, called the special meeting to order at approximately 7:00 p.m.  The following order of business was transacted with the President presiding:



1.   Quorum Established.  Board of Finance president Keith Hanauer stated that a quorum was present for the meeting. 


2.  Board Membership Elected to the Board of Finance of the Bloomfield School District.    Keith Hanauer was elected president of the Board of Finance in January of 2003 and was required to conduct this part of the meeting.  Mr. Hanauer explained that the Board of Finance required that a president and a secretary be elected each year.  Randall Burcham moved to name Keith Hanauer as president of the Board of Finance for 2004.  Peggi Blakley seconded the motion, which passed by a 5-0 vote.  Peggi Blakley moved to elect Nancy Canty to serve as secretary of the Board of Finance for 2004.  Steve Dowden seconded the motion, which passed by a 5-0-1 vote.  Mrs. Canty abstained from voting.


3.  School District Investment Policy Reviewed.  Board members were provided with an investment report from Corporation Treasurer, Sue Pritts.  (See attached)  Superintendent Hasler explained that as the school district’s cash flow allows, money is invested in Certificates of Deposit (CD).  Mr. Hasler said that there were no funds to invest in 2003.  This was an information only item.


4.  Adjournment.   There being no further business, Randall Burcham moved to adjourn.   Nancy Canty seconded the motion.  The meeting was then adjourned by a 6-0 vote.