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"The education I received from the Bloomfield School District provided a solid foundation for the professional training I acquired upon my graduation back in 1991. From early exposure to computers in elementary school to preparing for and taking the SAT while in junior high to studying advanced math and science courses in high school, I was continuously given opportunities to learn and succeed at a level beyond the grade in which I was enrolled. These opportunities to succeed are even more important for students today in an increasingly competitive job market. I appreciate the education I received from Bloomfield Schools and am thankful for the opportunities in life it has afforded me."
Jarrod Holtsclaw, BHS '91
Greene County Prosecutor

"I am currently an anesthesia resident at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. I recently received my M.D. from Indiana University. I found that Bloomfield School was a perfect place for me to receive my elementary through high school education. In Bloomfield, I had the advantage of having small class sizes with teachers who were able to spend extra time with each of their students. My teachers were always available and eager to help me if I had a question or was starting to have trouble in a subject. Though being small, Bloomfield School still offered a wide variety of courses. I was able to build a strong science foundation that carried me through my undergraduate courses and into medical school."
Carrie Polin (formerly Marusek), BHS 2001
Anesthesia Resident at University of Alabama in Birmingham

"Looking back on the twelve years I spent in the Bloomfield School District from the perspective of someone who is currently enrolled at a university, I can wholeheartedly say that the instruction I received at BSD laid the educational foundation necessary to allow me to thrive at the college level. As a foreign language major, I am proud to say that the foreign language education at Bloomfield is equal to (if not, in some respects, better than) some of the foreign language instruction I have received while in college."
Ross T. Smith, BHS ‘09
Indiana University-Foreign Language Major

"Entering First Grade at the tender age of five, I was somewhat bewildered, being a farm boy from a rural area. However after twelve years in the Bloomfield School District, I was prepared to conquer the world. I remember well by dedicated teachers and efforts they gave to each student to prepare them for further education and life. They imparted knowledge in the basics making us think and to work out solutions. Were it not for my preparation in Bloomfield School District, I wonder what other life might have been in store for me.

In short, I did go on to college gaining a BS degree in Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. After graduation, I began a career of flying jet fighter aircraft for twenty one (21) years with the United States Air Force. I feel the background given me at Bloomfield Jr.-Sr. High School played an important role in any success I may have accomplished."
Marcus R. Oliphant, BHS ‘45
Colonel, United States Air Force, Retired