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Minutes-03/21/2002 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bryce McGlothlin   
Monday, 21 February 2011 10:09



March 21, 2002


            The Board of School Trustees of the Bloomfield School District, of Greene County, Indiana, met in regular session on March 21, 2002, at approximately 7:35 p.m. in the jr./sr. high school conference room in Bloomfield School District, 501 West Spring Street, Bloomfield, Indiana.  The following school board members were present:  Randall Burcham, Nancy Canty, Steve Dowden, Keith Hanauer, Marvin Helms, and Jack Terrell.  Richard Richeson was absent.   President Terrell called the meeting to order at approximately 7:35 p.m.  The following order of business was transacted with the President presiding:



1.      Recognitions.      NJROTC instructor David Stewart spoke on numerous awards the NJROTC students had won in the past year.  Mr. Stewart had set up a nice display of awards and pictures of the NJROTC students and their awards and activities.   President Terrell thanked Mr. Stewart.   Superintendent Hasler recognized Bloomfield bands for receiving two first place honors at a recent competition in Terre Haute.  He also stated that 72 BHS students took part in the American Mathematics Competition Exam on February 27, 2002 with several placing very well.  Business Professionals of America club advisor Nancy Hudson shared that she had taken four students to district competition in January and stated that all four had placed very well. 


2.  Approval of Minutes.  The Board had been provided with minutes of the executive session and regular school board meeting both held on February 28, 2002, which had been prepared by corporation recording secretary Kelli Vandeventer.  Marvin Helms made a motion to approve the minutes as presented.  Steve Dowden seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved by a 6-0 vote. 


3.      Treasurer’s Report.  The Board had been provided with the Treasurer’s Report, prepared by corporation treasurer Sue Pritts, consisting of the Appropriation Report and Claims Listing Report.  Upon motion duly made by Keith Hanauer and seconded by Randall Burcham, the Board by a 6-0 vote approved the Treasurer’s Report.


4.  2002 Summer School Program Approved.  Superintendent Hasler recommended that the Board approve the 2002 Summer School Estimated Instructional Costs Report and List of Courses. (See attached)  He stated that the form is due to the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) by April 1, 2002.  Mr. Hasler also informed the Board that the school would be offering only summer school classes that have been approved for reimbursement by the IDOE.  The approved courses are divided into two categories.  At the elementary and junior high levels, Category 1, Basic Studies include classes in curriculum areas required by the state.  Category 2, Enrichment Studies involve those curriculum areas, which are suggested for inclusion by the state.  At the senior high school level, Category 1, Required Studies include approved high school courses that are required for graduation, meet Core 40 requirements, or meet the requirements for the Academic Honors Diploma.  Category 2, Elective Studies include all other approved high school courses except Driver Education and Motorcycle Safety Education, which are not eligible for reimbursement.  Summer school classes will begin on Monday, July 8, 2002 and will end on Friday, August 9, 2002 for the high school.  Elementary summer school classes will begin on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 and end on Tuesday, August 6, 2002.  Randall Burcham made a motion to approve the 2002 Summer School Estimated Instructional Costs Report and List of Courses as recommended contingent on state reimbursement.  Nancy Canty seconded the motion.  Superintendent Hasler informed the Board that sending this form to the state is only telling the state that these are the courses that are planned to be offered and the costs.  In May the state will notify the school how much they will reimburse the school.  He said that there is serious talk that the state will cut summer school funding.  If that should happen Mr. Hasler stated that the school would have to decide if summer school is something that can be offered.  The superintendent also explained that one change for this summer is that only one Health and Safety class will be offered instead of two as has been for the past few years. He said that in talking with high school guidance counselor Margaret Osmon she noted that Bloomfield has many students that are short a credit in U. S. History, World History or Language Arts.  In order to help those students have the number of required credits to graduate Mr. Hasler has recommended offering those classes in the summer.  The motion then passed by a 6-0 vote. 


5.      Parents Supplemental Transportation Contract Approved.  Superintendent Hasler

recommended that the Board approve a Parents Supplemental Transportation Contract between Crayola Kids

Day Care owned by Denise Thompson and Matt O’Neall who is a contracted bus driver for the school

district.  (See attached contract)  Mr. Hasler said that Crayola Kids Day Care is not on a regular bus route for

the district, but the bus does go by the day care enroute to his first pickup point. Randall Burcham made

a motion to approve the contract as provided.  Marvin Helms seconded the motion, which was approved

by a 6-0 vote.


6.      Athletic Facilities Plan Option Considered.  Superintendent Hasler stated that there were three options to be considered for the athletic facilities to be constructed on the school property located north of

highway 54 west of Bloomfield.  Keith Hanauer made a motion for George Link with the architectural firm of Veasey Parrott Durkin and Shoulders and Bill Riggert of the civil engineering firm of Bledsoe Tapp and Riggert, Inc. to focus on option “B”.  Steve Dowden seconded the motion.  Discussion was held and suggestions given to Mr. Riggert and Mr. Link.  The motion passed by a 6-0 vote. 


7.  2001-2002 ECA Recommendations Approved.  Board members were provided with ECA recommendations for the 2001-2002 school year from athletic director Jason Skomp, elementary principal Mary Jane Vandeventer, and jr./sr. high school principal Jerry Snapp.  Mr. Skomp recommended Brandt Munden as a volunteer assistant boys track coach.  Mrs. Vandeventer recommended Mandy McIntosh, Claudia Crane, Laura Bucher, Susie Goodman, Mary Stalcup and Lori Lund as Elementary NCA/PBA Committee Members.  Mr. Snapp recommended Kristi Bladen and Debbie Harding as Jr./Sr. High School NCA/PBA Chairpersons and Margaret Osmon, Ron McBride, Darla Bent, Monte McIntosh, Chris Mattox, Timi Smith, Stephanie Arthur, and Deborah Harshman as Jr./Sr. High School NCA/PBA Committee Members.  Superintendent Hasler included his support of the recommendations.  Marvin Helms made a motion to approve the recommendations as presented.  Randall Bucham seconded the motion.  Superintendent Hasler said that the PBA and NCA assignments were positions that were in the bargaining agreement with the teachers, but were different due to Public Law 221.  He shared that during the past week members of the Bloomfield Teachers Association and the administration were able to sit down together and work out an equitable way to stay within the contract and pay the teachers for their hard work.   The motion passed by a 6-0 vote. 


8.  Board Policy Second Reading and Adoption Held. Second reading was held on one (1) school board policy.  #2705 Class Size Policy was presented to the Board for second reading and adoption consideration.  (See attached)  Steve Dowden made a motion to approve the policy as presented.  Nancy Canty seconded the motion, which passed by a 6-0 vote.


9.  Board Policy First Reading Held. First reading was held on one (1) school board policy. 

#4401 Fringe Benefits for Support Staff was presented to the Board for first reading.  (See attached)  Discussion

was held.  This policy will be brought to a later meeting for consideration.


  1.   Board Health Insurance Contribution Increased.  Superintendent Hasler recommended that

the Board approve increasing the Board contribution for administrators to $5,341.28 for the single medical plan and $8,367.98 for the family medical plan.  Mr. Hasler explained that the change was due to an increase in the health insurance costs and makes the Board contribution equal to that of the teachers and support staff.  Randall Burcham made a motion to approve the increase in the Board contribution for the administrator’s health insurance.  Keith Hanauer seconded the motion, which passed by a 6-0 vote.



  1. Overnight Trip Approved.  Bloomfield baseball coach David Dean asked the Board to approve an

overnight stay for the baseball team on March 29, 2002 in Evansville, Indiana.  The request explained that the team would be playing the last weekend of spring break.  They will play one game on Friday, March 29th and a second game on March 30th.  Staying overnight on Friday would allow the team more time to rest and do some team building activities.  Superintendent Hasler recommended approval.  Randall Burcham made a motion to approve the request.  Marvin Helms seconded the motion, which passed by a 6-0 vote.


  1.   Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Considered.  Superintendent Hasler explained that

Purdue University and Veasey Parrott Durkin and Shoulders are working together to provide a program to schools to survey and analyze the needs for IPM in Indiana public schools.  He said that School Board Policy #7415 addresses chemical and non-chemical ways to address pest control.  Mr. Hasler stated that he had contacted VPDS for information about obtaining a free analysis and evaluation concerning the schools pest management needs.  Mr. Hasler recommended that the Board investigate Integrated Pest Management with the intent of moving in that direction with pest control management.  Randall Burcham made a motion to approve Mr. Hasler’s recommendation as requested.  Keith Hanauer seconded the motion, which passed by a 6-0 vote.


  1. School Improvement P. L. 221 Update.  Mr. Hasler stated that during the next week he would be

reviewing the plans from both the secondary and elementary buildings.  He said he had thumbed through them and had seen no problems.  Mr. Hasler stated that the North Central Association is guiding the process and had reviewed the plans and when NCA says it is okay that is usually good enough for the State. 


14.  Post Prom Information.  Randall Burcham stated that post prom is the responsibility of the parents of the junior class and they had been working to fund the post prom.  He wanted to thank area businesses and parents for their support.  The post prom will be held at a large bowling alley in the Bloomington area and will include karaoke and snacks for the students.  Mr. Burcham stated that the post prom would be supervised by the parents.  He said that approximately $6,800 is required to hold a post prom. 


15. Collective Bargaining Update.  Superintendent Hasler read a prepared Collective Bargaining Update to the Board and public.  (See attached) 


16.  Public Comments.  Steve Dowden stated that a couple of parents had mentioned to him that they would like to see Spring Break not scheduled between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.  Superintendent Hasler said that Bloomfield Schools are locked into the last week in March for Spring Break due to being a member of the Greene Sullivan Special Education Cooperative.  Mr. Hasler said that he would mention it to the coop at their next meeting and see if that could be changed.  Mr. Dowden also referred to Board Policy #2431 Interscholastic Athletics and wondered if the policy should be more specific about students being encouraged to participate in multiple sports during one season.  Mr. Hasler said that he thought the intent of the policy was to give direction to the athletic director so that he might create specific guidelines.  He said he would talk to Mr. Skomp about getting those guidelines drafted.    Superintendent Hasler wanted to inform the Board that some time they might want to investigate the purchase of a defibrillator and gave them information about that. 


17.  Adjournment.  There being no further business, Marvin Helms made a motion to adjourn. Keith Hanauer seconded the motion.  The meeting was then adjourned by a 6-0 vote.