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Written by Angela Brown   
Wednesday, 09 February 2011 12:36

 Student Supply List


All classes require students to report to class with:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Black or Blue ink pen ONLY for school related materials. NO gel pens or neon colored ink for school assignments. 

The following teachers require additional items: 

Mrs. Bault (Careers) – 1 ½” 3-ring binder, tabbed dividers (minimum of 5), composition notebook (kept in the room)

                      (Intro to Business/Personal Finance, Accounting) – composition notebook (kept in the room)

Mr. Britton (Science) Folder; Colored Pencils; Scissors.

                     (History) Black Ink Pens; 3-Ring Binder; Colored Pencils.

Mrs. Brown (FACS classes) – 1” 3-ring binder OR a folder with tabs

Mrs. Dunkerly (Language Arts 7/8) – (1) 2-pocket folder; composition notebook (kept in room), 3-ring binder (1 or 1½”)  

Mr. Helms – All Ag Classes require 3-ring binder, 1 ½ inch or larger.

CPO Hultberg (Mil Science 8 rotation) – (1) 2-pocket folder          

Miss Lincicome (PE 7/8/9) – Please LABEL all belongings.  1 pair of KNEE LENGTH shorts and/or sweatpants*, t-shirts ONLY*, tennis shoes**, socks and proper undergarments. NO HOODIES, LEGGINGS OR YOGA PANTS. Shorts, sweats and t-shirts must be red, gray, blue or black.

 *ALL CLOTHING MUST MEET SCHOOL DRESS CODE.  If not, the student will be asked to dress back into street clothes, docked for not dressing/participating, walk all period and written up for not meeting school dress code.  This applies particularly to shorts that are too short or worn so low that underwear is showing, and revealing tops.

**tennis shoes – DO NOT have to be new, but MUST BE clean and worn ONLY in PE class.  They should have a pair that is for inside (gym) use only and a pair that they can wear when activities are outside.

Mrs. Nicholson (7/8) (2) single subject notebooks, 2-pocket Folders

Miss Reimbold (English 10) - (1) 2-pocket folder

Mrs. Roach (French 8 rotation) – (1) 2 pocket folder

      (French 3/ Spanish 3) – Composition Book


All Classes:  Scientific Calculator*, Graph Paper (1/4 or 1/8-in), 3-Ring Binder (1 or 1½-in), Tabbed Dividers (minimum of 5)

*2-line digital display calculators are recommended, specifically the TI-30XIIS or TI-30XIIB (NOT

TI-34II).  Graphing calculators are not required.

Other Supplies (not required):  Zippered 3-Hole Pencil Pouch (to keep calculator and pencils), Highlighters, Colored Pencils, Sticky Notes

7th Grade Pre-Algebra:  Calculators are NOT ALLOWED for this class.

Geometry:            In addition to the ‘General Requirements,’ Geometry students also need a Composition Book.

You are encouraged to keep and reuse supplies from year to year!


Mrs. Bault (Business) 8-12

Mrs. Bladen (Yearbook) 11-12

Mrs. Burch (Math) 10-12

Mrs. Evans (Math) 7-12

Ms. Fougerousse (Business) 8, 10-12

Mrs. Heaton (Social Studies) 11

Mrs. Helms (Choral Music) 9-12

Mr. Hitchcock (Language Arts) 11-12

Mr. Mattox (Language Arts) 8-12

Miss Reimbold (Language Arts) 10

Mrs. Rodriguez (Math) 7, 11-12

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