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Our language arts department is excited about the opportunity to lead the way in our school improvement goal, "improving reading ability." Our language arts teachers, Mrs. Sharon Sparks, Mr. Chris Mattox, and Mr. Chris Hitchcock, along with school librarian, Mrs. Kristie Bladen, are dedicated to promoting reading, developing vocabulary, encouraging writing, and providing a well-rounded language arts curriculum. The language arts department is expanding the Accelerated Reader program to the high school level this year and is looking forward to the opportunities the program will bring to our students.

Ashlea Dunkerly
Mrs. Ashlea Dunkerly
Chris Mattox
Mr. Chris Mattox

Kalyse Reimbold
Miss Kalyse Reimbold

Chris Hitchcock
Chris Hitchcock

Kristie Bladen
Mrs. Kristie Bladen


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The mathematics department encompasses classes from 7th grade pre-algebra through calculus. Our teachers, Mrs. Lori Burch, Mrs. Julie Evans, Mrs. Jennifer Heaton and Mrs. Diane Wilson bring a wide variety of experiences to their classrooms. All of these teachers along with Mr. Dean, Mrs. Royal and Mrs. Nicholson have recently begun the initial year involvement in a three-year educational opportunity, Greene MAPP-2, Math Advancement Partnership Program. The focus of MAPP-2 is Project Based Learning, Technology, Algebraic Readiness and Standards and Curriculum.

Lori Burch
Mrs. Lori Burch
Julie Evans
Mrs. Julie Evans
Diane Rodriguez
Mrs. Diane Rodriguez
Diane Wilson
Mrs. Diane Wilson

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Our science teachers, Mr. Mark Bartlow, Miss Lauren Bohnert, Mr. Matt Britton and Mr. Ian Ashland continue to increase the amount of hands on instruction in their lab classrooms. The courses they teach include but are not limited to: science 7, chemistry I and II, Principles of Engineering, Anatomy and Physiology. Our science department offerings have changed and moved forward to better help our students as they prepare to continue their education after leaving Bloomfield Jr/Sr High School.

Mark Bartlow
Mr. Mark Bartlow
Lauren Bohnert
Miss Lauren Bohnert
Ian Ashland
Mr. Ian Ashland
Matt Britton

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Social studies at Bloomfield Jr/Sr High School begins in seventh grade with the eastern hemisphere, takes students around the world and concludes in twelfth grade with United States government and economics. During the journey students have the opportunity to look at world cultures, problem solving and current events. Mrs. Jennifer Heaton, Mrs. Nancy Hudson, and Mr. Kyle von Almen lead students through each course.

Jennifer Heaton
Mrs. Jennifer Heaton
Kyle von Almen
Mr. Kyle von Almen

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Our special education teachers work closely with teachers, students and parents to provide alternatives and accommodations so that all students have opportunities to be successful using their abilities and the tools provided to them. Mrs. Amy Clouse, Mrs. Brittany Nicholson and Mrs. Tina Shields work together to help students and teachers each day.

Amy Clouse
Mrs. Amy Clouse
Brittany Nicholson
Mrs. Brittany Nicholson
Tina Shields
Mrs. Tina Shields

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Miss Cindy Lincicome works with all students in grades seven, eight and nine. In the days of heightened awareness of student obesity Miss Lincicome works to give students skills to continue to be active. A highlight of the year is the annual four weeks of roller-skating.

Cindy Lincicome
Miss Cindy Lincicome

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Mr. Ben Helms is the director of the Ag Science Department at Bloomfield School District and is the sponsor of the Future Farmers of America chapter. Mr. Helms' program features an introduction to agricultural careers and business along with a hands-on approach to agricultural mechanics. Mr. Helms also teaches natural resources, advanced life science and earth science.

Ben Helms
Mr. Ben Helms

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Mrs. Nancy Hudson and Mrs. Erika Bault endeavor to lead our students, as they become adult members of a global, technology-based society. Students learn to use technology tools so that they are prepared to continue their education or enter the work force.

  Erika Bault
Adam Price

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Mrs. Darla Bent heads our Family and Consumer Sciences Department. Mrs. Bent teaches Nutrition and Wellness, Child Development, Textiles and Fashion, Interpersonal Relationships at the senior high level as well as jr. high level introductory classes. Mrs. Bent and her students host a popular annual holiday meal for community members and are involved in several other projects that serve the community throughout the county.

Darla Bent
Mrs. Darla Bent

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Mrs. Deb Johnson is the director of the fine arts department. Mrs. Johnson teaches 2D and 3D art and is the sponsor of the jr and sr high school art clubs. Mrs. Johnson and her students have been involved in several community service projects including painting murals for the town, painting windows for community businesses, and painting artwork on the school's baseball facility.

Wyatt LeGrand

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French and Spanish classes are the focus of the foreign language department at Bloomfield Jr/Sr High School. Mrs. Brenda Roach and Mrs. Kayla Hale offer introductory through advanced classes in both languages and serve as sponsors for the French and Spanish clubs. Foreign language students at Bloomfield have the opportunity to test into college level courses during their senior year in the program and many have succeeded in this endeavor.

Brenda Roach
Mrs. Brenda Roach
Kayla Hale
Mrs. Kayla Hale

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NJROTC has a twenty-five year history at Bloomfield and our program prides itself on many successes while being noted as the smallest school in the United States to host an NJROTC program. This year we welcome SGM Robin White and LT Commander Frank Starr as they lead our NJROTC program into the next 25 years.

  Frank Starr
Frank Starr

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Mrs. Laura Helms and Miss Jennifer Bollero are in charge of the Performing Arts Department at Bloomfield Schools. Mrs. Helms is in charge of vocal, theatre, and elementary music classes, while Miss Bollero teaches band and elementary music. Mrs. Helms is the director of the Joyful Noise, Cardinal Song, and Center Stage singing groups and is also the sponsor of Bloomfield's drama club, Strut 'N Fret. Mrs. Helms and her students produce a musical each fall that is performed at the local Shawnee Theatre. Miss Bollero directs the 6th grade, junior high, and high school concert and marching bands, as well as the pep band and jazz band. Miss Bollero's students perform at concerts, parades, festivals, and varsity basketball games throughout the school year.

Laura Helms
Mrs. Laura Helms
Jennifer Bollero
Ms. Jennifer Bollero