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Special Education

It is the goal at Bloomfield Elementary that all students with special needs be successful and show growth according to his/her ability level.  Students with special needs have been tested and qualify for additional services through certified special education teachers.   Bloomfield Elementary provides necessary accommodations, remediation, interventions, and individualized support based on the students’ IEP (Individualized Education Plan).

The special education department focuses on students and their needs through a variety of services that may include the following:

  • Inclusion Setting – Students are in their general education classroom where accommodations are made by the general education teacher and special education staff.
  • Small Group Instruction – This can occur in the classroom and/or resource room based on the student’s IEP and academic needs.  Small group instruction focuses on remediation and accommodation of specific skills that are targeted during the case conference meeting.
  • Individualized Remediation – Students are provided with individualized assistance to help understand academic concepts where students demonstrate significant delay.
  • LLI—Students are provided with Leveled Literacy Intervention, which addresses the needs of the students who are reading significantly below grade level.  Using 30 minutes of concentrated instruction time, focus is on specific weaknesses in reading.

Bloomfield Elementary provides excellent special education services focusing on individual students and meeting their educational goals.