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Title 1

Bloomfield Elementary School offers Title 1 services focusing on increasing students’ language arts skills.  Title one teachers are Mrs. Shannon Dean and Mrs. Jessica Lauderdale.   The Title One Program provides the following services:

  • Language Arts remediation and intervention
  • Small group instruction through leveled literacy intervention
  • Classroom instruction focusing on reading comprehension and writing
  • Provide tiered instruction
  • Professional development programming focusing on language arts
  • Administer DIBLES and mClass  (Grades K-3)

The Title One Department has two full- time teachers to implement the daily programming with students in kindergarten through fourth grade.  Bloomfield Elementary School is using a “response to intervention” approach to reading instruction.  Response to Intervention is a three-tiered approach.  Using the following tiers, students receive a balanced literacy program:

  • Tier 1   Instruction is high quality instruction for ninety minutes with classroom teacher
  • Tier 2   Instruction allows for more support to students that have not made adequate progress during Tier 1.  This is an additional 30 minutes of small group instruction in the classroom by the teacher or a paraprofessional.
  • Tier 3   Instruction is done in the Literacy Lab with four licensed teacher working in groups of 2-3 students with a very intensive remediation program.

The focus on the Title One Department is to provide a balanced literacy program allowing all students to reach his/her potential in reading skills.   The Title One program invites parents to take an active part in their child’s education.  Stop by or visit the Literacy Lab to discuss your child’s programming and reading achievement.