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Welcome to the web page for Elementary Art.  Mrs. Cindy Franklin is the art teacher at Bloomfield Elementary School.  Art is a 50-minute activity class that the elementary students look forward to attending on a weekly basis.

Students experience a variety of projects that are age appropriate, related to grade level stories and books, and coordinate with special grade level field trips.  For example, second grade students create several art projects related to the Indianapolis Zoo trip.   Students learn art appreciation by studying famous artists such as Leonardo daVinci, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh.

Elementary Art Shows are coordinated with the winter and spring music programs.  Each show is a time for family and friends to view, enjoy, and appreciate the artwork that students have created during their weekly “Open Drawing” and special art history projects.

Art is a fun class that is designed to allow students to create artwork that communicates the following ideas:

  • Personal ideas and experiences
  • Individual creativity
  • Express unique differences
  • Explores appreciation for different styles and techniques
  • Allows students to celebrate, encourage, and compliment each other creating an artist community

By participating in art, students are able to achieve individual success at their own level.