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Sixth Grade

Welcome to the last stop at Bloomfield Elementary School.  Teachers in sixth grade include Mrs. Theresa Barker, Mrs. Joanna Fish, and Mr. Erin Raper.  Sixth grade is an exciting time for students. It brings a chance to begin the transition to junior high.  The following are several of the opportunities available to students in sixth grade:

  • Elementary math bowl
  • Band
  • Science fair
  • Sea Perch Underwater Robots program
  • Recycling project
  • Christian Fellowship Club
  • 4-H Fair project
  • CPR certification
  • Science Bowl
  • Community Service at the Family Life Center

Students will rotate in three class periods each day, including math, language arts, and science/social studies.  Each class period is 80 minutes long, with a passing period of five minutes.  Lesson plans are posted weekly on Harmony and can be accessed by students and families.  Grade books are also updated weekly to ensure students have the opportunity to be proactive in tracking their progress.  Homework can be expected at least four nights per week.

We look forward to another exciting year in sixth grade.  It really is a time for students to spread their wings and try many new experiences.  Take advantage of all that is available, and you are sure to have a great year!