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Fourth Grade

Welcome to fourth grade at Bloomfield Elementary.  The 4th grade teachers are Mrs. Jenny Medina, Mrs. Susan Riggs, and Mrs. Kristi Vandeventer.  Each classroom focuses on language arts, math, science, health, and Indiana History.  The goal for all fourth grade students is that they learn to be responsible, respectful, and make tremendous academic gains.

Fourth grade teachers update grades and assignments on the Harmony Website weekly.  This provides parents with current academic information.  Using the website, parents can access grades, assignments, discipline, and attendance information.  Students have an assignment book which they record daily assignments and homework information.  By accessing Harmony and your child’s assignment book, communication between home and school will be concise increasing students’ academic performance.

Many educational projects are planned throughout the year in fourth grade.  Such activities include creating a pioneer project, electrical project, field trips to Goose Pond Nature Preserve, and George Rogers Clark Memorial. Your child will enjoy the variety of learning experiences fourth grade provides.